Microsoft is accepting applications for their 2022-2023 Recruitment And Internships/Massively In Various Professions.

internships and job placement in 2022

Microsoft will provide both on-site and online internship opportunities. The hybrid by design strategy will offer a top-notch experience at all of our sites across the globe while maintaining the health and safety of our staff, interns, and their families as our top priorities.

Please choose your region from the list below to learn more about the full-time positions and internships that are now open to students and recent graduates.

All of our Microsoft interns, whether they join us in person or electronically, are given the freedom to co-create their experience, form communities, and explore their passions while working on meaningful projects.

Software engineering internships are available to students in Nigeria, with start dates in the summer of 2023.

Join thousands of university graduates from around the world at Microsoft to create community, explore your passions, and produce your best work.

The goal of Microsoft is to enable everyone and every organisation to do more. As employees, we cooperate to achieve our common objectives, innovate to empower others, and join together with a growth attitude. In order to foster an inclusive culture where everyone can succeed at work and beyond, we continuously build on our core values of respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Software engineers (SWEs) collaborate with others to develop creative software solutions and address challenges. Because you care deeply about consumers and product quality, you offer Program Managers technical advice as they take user wants and product requirements into account. Additionally, it will be required of you to show that you can pick up and use current new tools, techniques, and methodologies to enhance your solutions. As a SWE, you are committed to the conception, creation, and testing of cutting-edge software that will enable every individual and institution on the planet to accomplish more. Please be aware that these positions will begin in the summer of 2023.

At Microsoft, interns collaborate with teams from around the world on real-world projects while also having fun. You’ll have the ability to foster a sense of community, pursue your interests, and realise your objectives. This is your chance to work on cutting-edge technology while implementing your ideas and solutions. The internship is created for you to not only conduct excellent work while having the chance to learn and develop, but also to experience our culture, which is full of memorable events, executive participation, and interactions with varied community members.

Postion Available.

  • Engineering (1129)jobs
  • Sales (755)jobs
  • Technical Support (546)jobs
  • Customer Success (393)jobs
  • Digital Sales and Solutions (288)jobs
  • Technology Sales (216)jobs
  • Data Center (189)jobs
  • Marketing (169)jobs
  • Program Management (127)jobs
  • Product Management (114)jobs
  • Business Operations (102)jobs
  • Hardware Engineering (85)jobs
  • Finance (74)jobs
  • Supply Chain (72)jobs
  • Consulting Services (60)jobs
  • Sales Enablement (50)jobs
  • Services (48)jobs
  • Security Engineering (41)jobs
  • Research (33)jobs
  • Real Estate, Facilities, & Construction (32)


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