CIEFFA Youth Capacity Building Workshop, 5th African Union, Application.

CIEFFA Youth Capacity Building Workshop, 5th African Union, Application.

A specialised institution of the African Union, the International Center for Girls’ and Women’s Education in Africa (African Union CIEFFA) was founded for the promotion and support of gender equality in education on the continent.

The African Union CIEFFA and its stakeholders are aware of the crucial part that young Africans play as agents of change at the local and national levels in promoting gender equality in education. Since 2017, the African Union’s CIEFFA has brought together more than 55 young Africans who are promoting girls’ and women’s education (GWE) in their countries and local communities. The yearly Youth Capacity Building Workshop emphasises developing abilities in policy literacy and advocacy, among other areas.

With the theme “Girls and women’s education, and climate change: connecting the dots to build sustainable and resilient communities,” the African Union CIEFFA will hold its 5th Youth Capacity Building Workshop in November 2022, bringing together 50+ African youth leaders to learn, share experiences, and develop collective community solutions that address issues related to girls’ and women’s education, as well as climate change.

eligibility requirements

  1. Be a young person from Africa between the ages of 23 and 33; 2. Be able to show that you have leadership skills and aspirations and are dedicated to advancing women’s and girls’ education.
  2. Be fluent in either English or French, the languages used in the workshops;
  3. Have a current African passport (which must be valid through June 1, 2023); 5. Applications from African youth who are residing outside of Africa but have current African passports are also accepted.

Application Deadline:  21 August 2022

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