Apply for The Orange Corner Nigeria: Up to €40,000 in Funding/A Netherlands Initiative

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to administer Orange Corners. The Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Team collaborates closely with regional partners and the Dutch Embassy in each programme country.

Using business to improve the world
A project of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Orange Corners offers young businesspeople in Africa and the Middle East training, networking opportunities, mentorship, finance, and facilities to help them launch and expand their enterprises. We promote creative responses to regional issues that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In order to assist and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we collaborate with a variety of stakeholders.

Our goal is to expand and fortify Nigeria’s entrepreneurial environment. By giving young people the appropriate chances, skills, and access to markets, this ecosystem should help them develop their company ideas and become successful entrepreneurs.

We offer a 6-month incubation programme to new businesses through Orange Corners. Orange Corners acts as a link between these creative business owners and the commercial sector. This benefits all parties involved greatly. The Kingdom of the Netherlands launched Orange Corners in partnership with a nearby service provider.



Online Application (using a website)

Prior to the start of each six-month cycle, the application form becomes available on our website. By using the submit button on the online application form, complete all needed fields. Please make sure to periodically check your mailbox to see whether you were chosen as one of the 50 semi-finalists.


A panel will decide which of the 50 semi-finalists are most qualified to enter the incubation programme after they have all been invited to take part in a two-day bootcamp, which is required.


The process of selection will be based on how well the candidate performed during the bootcamp. Twenty young entrepreneurs will be chosen after the bootcamp’s conclusion to take part for six months.


If you match the requirements for selection, you must be:
• Be a prospective businessperson from Lagos, Nigeria.
• Age range of 18 to 35 years
• Possess a fresh, validated company idea that is no older than two years.
• The solution addresses a problem that exists locally in Nigeria.
• There is a connection between the good or service and the SDGs.

New business owners will be chosen based on the:
• Creativity.
• Suitability
• Social Influence
• Market Clarity
• The company idea’s viability and scalability
•The entrepreneur’s or the team’s expertise.


Due to the spread of the pandemic, both live and virtual delivery of the programme will be offered.

This programme will make available the networks and assistance required for long-term business growth in addition to the basic entrepreneurial knowledge, tools, and resources required to turn a concept into a profitable enterprise.

The programme will provide you with a number of advantages, but the following are the most crucial ones:
•Training in Enterprise Management
•Advisory & Business Incubation Services
•Funding for the creation and testing of prototypes.

The programme has no costs associated with participation. The programme is supported by scholarships provided by the Dutch government and our business partners.


The application dates are from September 9 2022 till October 10, 2022.

Netherlands in collaboration with a local service provider.



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