2023–2024 Camargo Fellowship/Program.


The historic residence program of the Camargo Foundation, formerly known as the “Core Program,” reverts to its original name, the Camargo Fellowship, with this edition for 2023–2024.

The Camargo Foundation’s signature program is the Camargo Fellowship. In order to foster ground-breaking study, experimentation, and integrative methods in the arts and humanities, the Camargo Foundation has given out approximately 1,500 residencies since 1971. A prestigious jury of academics and artists chooses individuals or groups each year from among hundreds of entries from around the globe. Winners receive residencies in beautiful, serene settings where they have time, space, and freedom to reflect, create, and interact.

starting in 2023–2024.

The Camargo Foundation is accepting applications from creatives, intellectuals, and researchers worldwide. For artists, there are three primary categories and a number of subcategories.

The researchers are experts in the social sciences, humanities, and arts as they pertain to French and Francophone cultures, or they are curious on cross-cultural topics focusing on the cultures and trends of the Mediterranean region. Candidates must hold a PhD or be a doctoral student who has finished their research or is in the process of writing their thesis in order to be eligible in this category.

Included in this category are experts and participants from the cultural and creative fields (such as curators, journalists, critics, town planners, independent researchers, etc.) who take a critical approach while fusing study, production, and society.

Artists (all disciplines)
No matter what their field, artists are required to be the primary designers of new works or projects and to provide a dossier outlining their prior publications, performances, exhibitions, awards, or funding. The latter must show evidence of having developed a fully developed and mature artistic voice. Applicants might be creative individuals who are critical thinkers and propose research initiatives. Artists must select one of the following subcategories when submitting an application: Multidisciplinary artists include writers, playwrights, choreographers, performers, video or digital artists, composers and sound artists, and multidisciplinary artists.

Additional information
interdisciplinary projects
Also welcome are collaborative projects involving multiple disciplines and teams of up to three people. Each team member receives a scholarship, a travel allowance, and a multi-bedroom apartment is allotted to the group as a whole. Each team member must submit a single application as well as application materials, such as a resume and samples of their previous work. A maximum of two team projects may be chosen every application cycle.

translation initiatives
All qualified translators are professionals. Academic translators will be regarded as such if they satisfy the criteria for the “Researchers” group. The application of “Thinkers,” or literary translators with a theoretical or research objective, is encouraged. Those translators who are working on a literary translation project might apply as “Writers.”

Priority is automatically given to applicants who are applying for the first time over previous program participants. After their last Camargo Core Program participation, they have at least three years to reapply.

Further information

Click here to access the call for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 sessions.

Selection process

Applications for the core program closed on October 1, 2022.

All applicants, selected or not, will be contacted in April 2023.

To apply

CLICK HERE to read the form and to send your application

Applications must be submitted no later than October 1, 2022 before 5:59 p.m. EST (New York time) / 11:59 p.m. CET (Paris time). Click below to apply.


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